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On this page we'll post any questions to you prior to the day itself. As you can see we're keen to hear your song suggestions for the evening reception, and, as there are a number of people joining us from Wolverhampton in the evening we wondered if anyone would like to share a minibus? (Please register your interest for this as soon as possible, as we'd like to arrange the minibus at the end of June and will need to have a good idea of numbers and locations).

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Question 1 - If you have answered "Yes" to being interested in the minibus from Wolverhampton to and from the evening do please can you post your name and the number of spaces. Thanks

Full list of responses:
Tim : 1
Julie & Colin Carpenter : 2
Lindsay and Andrew : 2

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Question 2 - What song would you like to hear at the evening reception?

Full list of responses:
Jan & Gaz : Wherever I Lay My Hat (Marvin's version)
Paul Gough : Frank Wilson "Do I love you", The Smiths - anything really, The Rubettes and Showaddywaddy & Pam Ayres poetry recital,
Ade : Come on Eileen and the Birdy song.
Den : Come on eileen and the Birdy Song
Burnsy : U2 - "I still haven't found what i'm looking for " & "stuck in a moment you can't get out of "
Julie Carpenter : Anything from the 80's
Lindsay and Andrew : Any Queen songs please. Thank you.xx
Maggie : Dance the night away..The Mavericks......Any *80s Tunes ...The Snake Al Wilson
gpkpyspdoe : TtmBrlGkWHMpCY
melony : tmPBskwbcEaqME
xhxrsn : eyooa8

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