Friday 6th August 2010 - Married for 2873 days

Wedding Party Profiles

A who's who of the wedding party, with pictures so you will recognise everyone on the big day ...

Best Man & Chief Bridesmaid
Our best man and woman . . .

Alfie Marston
Alfie MarstonAlfie is Guy's son. Worryingly, Alfie will be responsible for ensuring Guy arrives on time on the day itself - never having been known for his ability to get out of bed! Alfie is a talented musician and we're hoping he'll entertain us with a few songs.
Anna Smith
Anna SmithStak's oldest and best friend. We've known each other since school and have shared many memories. Anna has the unenviable job of helping me to plan every last detail and steadying my nerves on the day!

Who else but our beautiful nieces?

Sarah Marston
Sarah MarstonSarah agreed to be a bridesmaid on condition she wouldn't be forced to wear anything hideous, which scuppered Stak's plan of peach meringue-style dresses and poodle hairstyles. Sarah will be responsible for making sure Anna doesn't plan anything embarrasing for the hen do!
Erin Tarbuck
Erin TarbuckErin is three years old and has already decided she would like a selection of outfits for the day (that's the beauty of being a princess)! Erin will be responsible for stealing the show!

The trustworthy groomsmen, Ade and Preston.

Preston Burns
Preston BurnsPreston is an old friend of Guys, known for his encyclopedic knowledge and wisdom. For example, if you want to know the bus timetable on a Sunday afternoon in Weston-super-Mare, Burnsy is your man. His philosophic teachings remind us "eating is cheating". Preston will be in charge of transport arrangements(!) and will certainly have a strong input on the Stag Do. He also has the pleasure of escorting the Marstons (Senior) on the day!
Ade Selley
Ade SelleyAde is an old, old friend of Guy's(!) A pillar of society and an excellent role model (if you want to take up a career in pub-dancing). Ade is a generous host with a fine cellar of brandies and ports (as our lost Sundays will testify)! Drawing on Ade's crowd-control experience, we'll be asking him to assist the photographer in getting the families together for group shots and he will be escorting the Arnolds (Senior and Junior).

The Parents
The Arnolds and Marstons

Janet & Gary
Janet & GaryStak's Mom and Dad. Jan is in charge of toast for the journey and helping Stak with the planning. Gaz will be making sure Stak arrives at the ceremony on time (to be sure she's finally gone!) and making sure the beer is up to standard.
Rita & Tel
Rita & TelGuy's Mom and Dad. Rio Rite and El Tel will be responsible for wine tasting, relaxing and spoiling their Grandchildren (again!)