Friday 6th August 2010 - Married for 2873 days

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The Music - 07/08/10 - 4:56pm

Sorry - but I'm having trouble switching off! There's a new page on the site with our ceremony music and the playlists of the day... enjoy!

Stacey x x

6.8.10 - 07/08/10 - 12:45pm

Well, it's been and gone, but we're still having an amazing time just thinking about our day yesterday. The day went off without a (noticeable) hitch and even the weather was kind!

We hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did. It was all that we had dreamt of and much more, made truly special by the people we shared it with.

I'm now off to consider a career in wedding planning as I'm already getting withdrawal symptoms and Guy is wondering how on earth he can afford to be married to me (I'm suggesting a lottery win or bank robbery)!

Don't forget to post your pictures and videos on our Truprint group room and sign the guestbook as a reminder of the day.

Thanks again for all the wonderful cards, gifts and messages.

love Stak and Guy x x x

Last minute updates - 04/08/10 - 3:52pm

Can't believe it's nearly here and tonight will be our last night together before Friday. Guy's out at the moment collecting the suits - we hope! And I've been phoning around making sure everyone all the "suppliers" are okay. Jessie's been for her trim before her holidays (off to Auntie Becky's tomorrow for a couple of weeks).

Weather report for Friday has gone from bad to worse, with a prediction of heavy rain! It may mean some changes to where we have photos etc. and I don't think we'll be using the marquee(!) Oh, the joys of the British summer! Will have to play it by ear a bit . . .

We've had a couple of entries on the online guestbook - looking forward to many more and some photos too on our group photo-room.

As for me, well I'm just about managing to keep my Bridezilla tendencies under wraps (although Guy would argue otherwise). Got a busy day tomorrow, then off to the Hundred House with Anna for a relaxed evening.

That's it from me for now - will be back with more after Friday!

Stacey x

The Final Countdown - 31/07/10 - 8:17am

Morning all,

well yesterday I broke up from work for the last time as Stacey Arnold, it's going to be a bit strange changing my name but I am looking forward to being a Mrs. Last night most of the wedding party (we were missing Sarah and Erin) came round for a bit of a "meeting" which really was just an excuse to fit in some wine and a 50 year old vintage port. Needless to say my head is feeling a bit woozy now.

Off for my final dress fitting today - all the alterations will have been made so it is exciting to see the result. I'm hoping mom and me will make it to Ironbridge and back in a fairly direct manner this final time - we seem to have struggled on all previous occasions though so we'll see!

One more change to the site this week. We've decided to put a photo area on Truprint instead of on here as, to be honest, the photo upload facility on here is pretty rubbish and you can't print from here either. The link though is via this website.

Bye for now

Stacey (Guy is still in bed!) x x

The countdown is on! - 12/07/10 - 6:50pm

Well I'm just sitting here smiling and listening to my "Hen Party Megamix" CD and waiting for my camera to charge so I can look at the pictures of a very memorable weekend. Thanks to all the hens for making it a very special time for me; Miss Arnold had a send off to remember.

We're into less than four weeks to go territory now and whilst we have been fairly organised it seems to be coming around quite quickly and the list of jobs seems to be growing as we think of things we hadn't thought of before.

Hopefully we'll see some of you before the wedding on the "local" stag and hen dos on 24th July.

love Stak x x

Gift Lists - 25/06/10 - 5:41pm

Hi everyone

The gift lists have gone live today - we were just planning to use the House of Fraser service, however, there were a couple of things we wanted that weren't available so we decided to have two lists!

As we have said on the site, it really is most important to us to spend our day with family and friends, so please don't feel obliged to get us a gift. Since some people have already asked us though we thought having a list might help!

The interactive poll for song choices for the evening do is still going - let us know what you'd like or you might end up listening to all our favourites! Also five people responded to the question about a minibus from Wolverhampton but we don't know who you are so please log this on the site or drop us an email.

Countdown is on - 6 weeks today!

love Stacey & Guy x x

Chicken Pox & Flu! - 20/06/10 - 8:22am

Well the subject says it all really! Guy came back from his stag do in Munich with a dose of chicken pox; whereas I've got woman 'flu resulting in being virtually unable to speak (Guy is thrilled).

Dragged myself off my sick bed for a meeting at the Hundred House yesterday with the new wedding co-ordinator, Emily. Things are starting to come together now with most of the RSVPs received too. Every weekend between now and the wedding is pretty full though, including the small matter of a half-marathon in 2 weeks' time; so I'm going to be taking lots of vitamins to keep me going.

Make-up next week (for Stak that is - not Guy!) and finalising stationery. We'll also be cheering on England on Wednesday - hoping for a better performance and a win at last!

Stacey & Guy

Technology! - 18/05/10 - 9:46pm

Well that was a stressful couple of hours as the first day that people could RSVP online the site providers decided to change all the RSVP online settings. Given that my work involves IT and I've been having an interesting time of that recently, I'm feeling a bit fed up with technology!! Hopefully though it will all work okay for everyone but do please let me know if you have any problems at all!



Getting closer . . . - 16/05/10 - 7:33pm

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks and somehow we've managed to get some wedding stuff done as well. The invitations are all written thanks to big sis, Jo who has much nicer handwriting than me - but any mistakes on the spelling of names etc. is down to me I'm afraid! They'll be going in the post tomorrow or Tuesday. Just a few more jobs to do now and we can then sit back and look forward to the day itself.

Stak & Guy x x

Invitations . . . - 17/04/10 - 3:11pm

Invitations have now been ordered so will hopefully be going out quite soon. In the last few weeks we've sorted out the menu, finished off the website (hope you like it!), ordered the men's suits and generally got ourselves organised.

16 weeks to go!!!

x x x

Busy, busy bees . . . - 20/02/10 - 9:45am

We had a really good day yesterday on the wedding planning front. Went to see the registrar and to give in our documents, so we've now done the official bits! Then popped into town and tried on a few wedding rings and sorted out suits for the men. Trying to do a little bit every week or so, so that we don't have a mad rush towards the day itself. 24 weeks to go!!


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